Pender Island Otters

Summer Swim Club 


The Otters offer dynamic and reputable swim programs to satisfy any level of swimmer. Swimmers in the club range from 4 years to plus 60 years of age; anyone with an interest in learning to swim, in competing, or staying active for life has a place on our team. The Otters program is comprised of two seasonal sessions: winter maintenance (September to April) and summer season (May to August). The winter maintenance program specifically focuses on the development of proper stroke techniques and endurance. The summer session primarily focuses on race development and performance. During this session swim meets are held across Vancouver Island where athletes from the region compete in age specific categories in the various swimming disciplines. We encourage athletes of all abilities and interests to participate in swim meets - it is what we train for! 

In addition to the swim seasons, the Otters club is divided into five training groups based on ability, interest and confidence in the water. The groups along with their descriptions are listed below. If you have any inquiries about program levels or joining our team please contact the Club President or our Head Coach to arrange a try out. 

Senior Otters

The Senior Otters program includes enthusiastic and tenacious athletes from Division 4 and up. Training two hours a week in the water, this group also completes regular dry-land routines on their own time. The senior program offers intensive training on technique, endurance, and performance. Athletes in this group create the core competitive group in the club, and are ambassadors and role models for athletes throughout the Vancouver Island region.  

Age Group Otters

The Age Group Otters program is a development group that trains approximately an hour and half in the water every week. In addition to the water lesson, athletes complete various dry-land circuits on their own time throughout the week to complement strength and core conditioning developed in the pool. The Age Group program is comprised of swimmers from Division 2 to 4 and focuses on stroke development, technique, endurance, and most importantly fun! 

Junior Otters

The Junior Otters consist of swimmers from Division 1 and 2 who share a passion for being in the water and learning. This group swims for one hour every week focusing on technique and stroke development taught through creative drills to enhance the swimming experience. For placement in the Junior Otters program an athlete must be able to complete 50 meters of swimming comfortably. The Otters coaches strongly encourage all Junior Otters to try at least one swim meet during the summer season. 

Otter Pups

The Otter Pups are the future of our swim team and the Novice division of our swim team. These little Otters are learning the basic skills of swimming and water safety, while building confidence and independence in the pool. This program is ideal for toddlers who love being in the water and are interested in learning the basic skills of swimming. In order to enter the Otter's Novice program a swimmer must be comfortable enough to be in the water without a life jacket or parent (coaches are in the water for this group). 

Novice swimmers participate in a special category at swim meets primarily to build self-assurance in the water and create a foundation of enjoyment in the sport of competitive swimming. 


The Walruses are the Otter's Masters Program consisting of dedicated individuals who inspire to be active for life. Swimming approximately 2 hours a week, the Walruses enjoy the benefits of low impact activity and improved cardiovascular conditioning. The Walrus program is flexible and sufficient in providing feedback for improvement regarding stroke technique and development, and is open to any level of swimmer. The Otters encourage the Walruses to attend and participate at swim meets sharing and contributing to the overall success and well being of the team and the sport of swimming.